Propaganda is the ideologies that are given out through information, that is main of a biased or misleading nature. This is used to promote a political cause or point of view. Propaganda can manipulate others to thinking and acting a specific way. Propaganda has been used for centuries, many people associate the word propaganda with feminism, war and other issues. I personally relate it to war when thinking about propaganda. War used propaganda to promote war as a symbol to an adventure, a positive light – patriarchy and bravery. Making it seem like the men/ young boys would have a really enjoyable time, this influenced many men to join the army and fight for there country in WW1. In a recent documentary it stated “men under the ages of 16 where even trying to join”. Posters were played a key role in the persuasion of getting British citizens to join as it used imperative language. The word “YOU” makes the poster more direct and personal. The posters juxtaposed the direct meaning and the more covert meanings through the fonts, colours, language and much more. The posters often used Bold fonts that grabbed the attentions of the audience quickly, the colour”s used where generally red, blue or black. Red could have been used to symbolize the blood shed and the danger in opposition to love.

propaganda was also used in other wars and still occurs in todays society. For instance, Advertisements inject fear,  Fear is generated to change people’s behaviour and make them more understanding of the consequences for there actions. In the road safety advert it will showcase bloody accident then remind people to wear their seat-belts.

In these adverts one uses the horror factor of a young child ben hit by a car speeding and the other was the after math of an accident.

In my opinion I feel that propaganda only represents the data in one light, this could influence biased ideologies. This for me as a journalist can be harmful to my credibility, professionalism and reputation. As a journalist we are told that you have to be unbiased and give factual and accurate information, therefore if influenced by propaganda then we aren’t fully open to alternative views.



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