Footage Used in the Video

In my video, I have used new raw footage that I have filmed myself and footage that I have filmed over the last few years of studying media. When doing this project I found the timing of the assignment difficult as it was coming up to christmas and many sports clubs and people where finished for the season or unable to meet up for an interview. Also having health issues, made this task harder as it meant that i had less time to edit, film and finish the project. I don’t have the software at home and been unwell made it hard to go into Hull School Art and Design and full concentrate.

If i was to do the task again, more new footage would be filmed and used and less archive of my old work. I don’t feel that it is cheating using elements of my old work as I still put the time in to film it and to do the work. I still has the raw footage files from previous work so i re-edited it and make and edit decision list showing the cuts and placements of each bit.

New footage filmed for this project, consists of 

  • PTC’s
  • Footage taken from Basketball training
  • I also did interviews with
    • Kai Gill – who is a local sports player for the Electric eels
    • Daniel Bentley – who is a retired Paralympian representing Team GB
    • Kizzy Blue-wade – who is a very young athlete that takes part in lots of sports from basketball, racing to wheelchair football

In my opinion these interviews wasn’t filmed at the quality I wanted for the video so made an important decision to not use them.

The video with Kai wasn’t filmed great the footage had a bad background (Didn’t give the video a professional look), people kept walking behind the interviewee and the footage looked really grainy. If i was to do this interview again, I would look at locations. I did have somewhere to film it however, on the day a class needed to use the space. To be more professional i should have had a back up space in mind.

The interview of Daniel Bentley went really well, I wanted it to be more of a PTC style so it was more like him telling his story. I recorded over QuickTime on a screen recording a FaceTime call as he lives in Essex and was unable to get down to do a face to face interview. The framing of this was very central with lots of negative space either side and had to much head room therefore i thought it was best to edit it out. The quality just wasn’t there.

The interview with Kizzy went really well however, i already had 3 interviews from basketball players and didn’t thing this interview brought the gold (best soundbites). I thought that this wouldn’t add much to the overall video.

Old footage (archives of my old work)

  • Rugby action footage, basketball footage
  • Interviews with Jamie, Kenny, Dave and Mike

All of these interviews were used as my PTC states that I was going to investigate my love for sports and talk to those who inspire me. Jamie is someone i really look up to in sports, he has achieved so much and he is down the path I want to go in the future. I thought having a Paralympian in the video also helps to show that if you work hard at sports you can represent your country and yourself at a high level. Mike is a big inspiration, as he shows that when faced with massive issues he still doesn’t let it stop him. When he was 13 he lost two limbs in a tragic accident. And the other two interviewees show different angles in why they play sports and get involved. This is important as the video is a promotion to try and influence other into getting involved.

Archived work that isn’t my own 

  • Footage of Jamie training on the track – to use this I needed his permission and he happily granted me permission
  • All music used was – royalty free this helped get around issues of copyright

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