Reflection on Feminism

What is feminism?

Feminism is a range of movements that are conducted and shared to try and make the word a much more equal world for women and men. Some of the ideologies include trying to get women more equal opportunities in work and education, in todays society, equality has improved women are in jobs that men would have usually done and more education is given to most children in the UK.

In the session it was clear to see that many people still don’t full understand what feminism is or what exactly they aim to do. When discussing what different ideologies people have on feminists, I found this really annoying, as women just want the same/similar rights to that of a man. There are so many different types of feminism, which I don’t think many people understand. Even though women have a more equal life style now in society there are still many people fighting to make it even more of a fair place to be.

The different types of feminism 

  • Radical
  • Cultural/Post Colonial
  • I-feminism/New Wave
  • Liberal
  • Ecofeminism
  • Social & Marxist

Case study

For instance, a case study I looked at still showed some facts of how women and men are still treated differently. More and more women are getting into employment but they don’t get paid as much as men. According to “PayScale[1]” they have proven that men get higher pay in employment on average to women. Some of the reasons they believe this is because, men and women gravitate to different career paths and the men tend to pick jobs that have higher rates of pay. Another reason is women tend to have other family responsibilities, like children etc. so they are more likely to cut down on hours or even come out of employment.

Do Men Really Earn More Than Women?

Sexual objectification within the media

In the media, women along with men are used as sex symbols and as objects. To prefer women are much more objectified in comparison to men. The reasons for this are that Sex is a proven selling point in society therefore why not. There are a number of theorists that believe different things, the theories for the unconscious desire (Freud theory), Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Laura Mulvey (feminist, and theorist of the male gaze) and demographics and psychographics.

Media producers tend to use Audience profiling which helps to categorise people in specific categories, groups based on their; age gender, ethnicity, job. This done by demographics however the psychographics include a more detailed analysis of different people needs. This is where we see the Marlow’s hierarchy of needs, which consists of an in-depth study of individual needs and what we strive for as human beings. In the media they follow this when creating products, for example advertisers use this information to benefit their target audiences to help provide these needs.

Case study of Sex Objectification – (Music video) Nicki Minaj- Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown

In the images above, we see how men can be symbolised as objects and how they can be sexually used as sex objects to help gain interest and publicity. The image above are screen shots from the ” NICKI MINAJ” music video. We also see the singer using herself as a sex object by what she is wearing, how she is portraying herself (faces, gestures etc). It is a proven fact that sex sells and that people will uses this at the disposal to gain a higher viewership, money and publicity.

[1] Do Men Really Earn More Than Women? – Infographic – PayScale . 2015. Do Men Really Earn More Than Women? – Infographic – PayScale . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 December 2015].

YouTube. (2014). Nicki Minaj – Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown. [Online Video]. 12 December. Available from: [Accessed: 15 December 2015].


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