Promotional Video Storyboards

Storyboards are vital when creating a video. Storyboards are a fundamental platform that allows individuals to map out an idea, this makes a task easier as it is laid out right in front of the individual. When creating storyboards I tend to use it as a guide rather than using as law. When create my own storyboard I used images and words that will allow me to remember and understand my for process.

I will submit my storyboards in the paper format as i am unable to scan them in. My storyboards will showcase how I wanted to map my promotional video out. This creates structure that was easy to follow. The storyboards are used as a guide but i am unsure if i will keep the footage in the same order. I will make a decision based on how things look.

In my starboard, I made another of how I wanted the camera framed for instance when filming the PTCs (piece to camera) I wanted to have a mid-close up. This meant I had the head and shoulders of the subjects in view. I also wanted the subject to be set to one side to give -looking space this also gives room for titles. As a journalist mapping out ideas whether be in bullet points, mind maps, or even notes can be a useful tool as it allows you to write down ideas and to remember the information.


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