Interview Questions for Video

When creating the PTC’s I had key things I wanted to answer and for the interviews I had key questions in mind. These are just some of the questions I asked;

  1. When you here the word Paralympics what springs to mind? (Jamie)
  2. What advice would you give others starting out in sports? (Jamie)
  3. Did you ever think that you would make it to the Paralympics? (Jamie)
  4. what does sports mean to you? and how does it help you in terms of rehabilitation? (Dave)
  5. What does sports mean to you? (Kenny)
  6. what advice would you give to someone thinking about starting wheelchair rugby? (Mike)

The questions asked will help to give an insight into the minds of those who already participate and helps to raise awareness. This video can help to promote the disabled sporting community and help others to get into a sport.

Sports really helped me throughout my life, it gave me a focus, like one of the guys say in the video it helps to not be isolated. from spending a large portion of my life in hospital I understand what it feels like to be isolated. Sports helped me in my recovery showed there are people worse off then myself. This is why sports was the way to go for this project, it is something that I have a passion for and that I want to promote.


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