Media Ownership: Comparison of 2 tabloids ‘The Times and The Sun’

In this task I have chosen to compare two different newspapers one which is a broadsheet and the other a tabloid. I choose to look at the ‘The Times and The Sun’. Both have similarities and differences. This is because they have to reach and grab the attention of the different demographic target audiences, each newspaper looks at the psychographics of the audience to find out what the needs are, what is of interest and more about the type of person. From this it allows the produces of each newspaper to mold the content, the style of writing and designs to best suit the requirements. This will also help to make the audiences happy, also will help to increase sales and brand loyalty. The main difference of each newspaper is the format, a broadsheet is larger in size meaning more information is given out. Also, “Broadsheets newspapers are known to have a more expert outlook to how they present their stories as in the language they use and layout of the content on the page”[1].

The first similarity I noticed when researching was that both are published on a daily basis, this keeps up with demand and current and new stories. It allows the producers to provided the most up to date news. Another, similarity of both newspapers is that the owner is Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch is a media tycoon and controls a lot of the media. ‘Murdoch inherited his father’s papers, the Sunday Mail and the News, and continued to purchase other media outlets over the years’[2].

The Sun tabloid newspaper has a main demographic and psychographic target audience. It appears to be those who are young and of working class standings. In the Socioeconomic status, this newspaper would be aimed more toward those of (C2, D and E)

C2 skilled working class Skilled manual workers [3]
D working class Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers[3]
E non working Casual or lowest grade workers, pensioners, and others who depend on the welfare state for their income [3]

Tabloids are good for this audience as these provide expected topics for instance, celebrity gossip, stories and reality stuff etc. These are topics the audiences will expect to see in ‘The Sun’. The effectiveness of this is that it is uncovering things that the younger generation will be interested in a simple way. Like the language use, how much and the ways pictures are used frequently. The layout of the sun is a lot bolder, more colour, shorter articles, more pictures and focuses on human interest stories.

[2GM - 1]  SUN/PAGES/NEWS... 08/07/13

The Times broadsheet newspaper has a much more appeal to those more educated and of a better social class of (A, B, C1).

A upper middle class Higher managerial, administrative or professional [3]
B middle class Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional [3]
C1 lower middle class Supervisory or clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional[3]

Also have a primary target audience of those around the 16 – 50 age group. These are the ones who are mainly in employment. In my opinion I feel like the times is much more aimed towards males then the female audience. The reasons for this is that broadsheets are more focused around international news and politics, having a much plainer and simple layout. Less colours, smaller text hardly any images or if used much smaller then what we would see with the more tabloid layout.


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