Photographs I Intend to use

For the assignment i only needed 15-30 images however, I have a really hard time choosing the best ones. Overall, I had around 150-200 images estimated to choose from. There were some really bad images and some images that were not to bad.

I ended up whitteling it down to 60 images then got stuck for choice. I still didn’t know which ones to put forward. some of the images needed to be cropped as there was lots go negative space in the image and doesn’t make a great image overall.

these are a few pictures i have cropped and make relevant colour adjustments. This could be to strip away the colour altogether which would leave the image in grey scale or make the lighting more natural instead of a horrible over saturated look.

Overall, I think it was a really hard task picking out the best images however, from learning the skills I now feel more confident in photography and believe that my images demonstrate what i have learned over the sessions. In my powerpoint i had around 15 images which I then presented to the group.


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