Evaluation – Research into Photographers

When I was developing my idea, for the genre of photography I was going to adopt for my project, I conducted market research to help me identify what I like and dislike about the genre and what types of different images are already out on the market.

As, I am focusing my project around sports, I thought that it was only right  to look at the different sports photographers and there work. This will help me to understand what common compositional techniques that are used with in the sports genre.

The first photographer I looked at was

Ernst Haas

From looking at his website it is clear to see that, Haas follows multiple of genres of photography. The genre I was most interested in was the motions images. This is because he uses the shutter speed settings to help create blur. This style is what i will employ in some of my own images. This style will help me to capture the sports taking place, also allowing the audience to see a different side of what sports can do. The blur can make or break an image. if there is to much then the image will become unidentifiable  to the audience so will not have the desired effect. I will play around with the shutter speed settings to see how far i should push it.


In the image above, it is a bull fight that is identified through blur in image. This image personally is really effective as it showcase the intensity and the fast movement of both the bull and the guy. This image is still identifiable to the human eye, if the camera lens was open much longer then i feel the image would be to over exposed and not recognisable. By looking at Haas work, it has given me a idea of how i can incorporate the techniques I’ve seen in his work like the rule of thirds, depth of field and many more.

I also looked at other photographers like Christopher Martin and Mariano kamp. these use the techniques that i was trying to emulate when doing my project. which are motion blur and freeze frame photography.






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