Colour Presets & Settings used for Print/Digital

Within the practical sessions with Dave Eccles on editing software’s such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, we were given an insight into the colour presets. As I did media for my A levels I already had a basic understanding of a few presets. To make sure I understood the other colour presets I did further research.

There are 4 main colour presets, these are: CMYK, RGB, LAB and Greyscale.

Some of the colour pallet names are just initials, such as CMYK which stands for Cyan, Magenta, yellow and key (which is black) and RGB which stands for the primary colours Red, Green and Blue.

CMYK is used mainly for producing print based products as the names of each initial stands for the colour inks used in a printer. when doing things on the editing softwares using this preset it can appear slightly different to what it looks like when printed. This is the most common preset used in print journalism as this could be from newspapers, leaflets, posters etc.


RGB is a preset that is used more for producing things for the online platform. This preset is the easiest to understand as it reminds me when I was younger and had to mix the primary colours and it would end up producing the other colours around. This preset works in the same way the colours are added together to get the shade of colour required.




Greyscale is a preset that only uses a range of neutral blacks to whites. when on a normal plain A4 page the greyscale is measured on the intensity of the black inks used. this is why some of the colours appear lighter and more grey then black.



To back up my own knowledge I used research to back it up these are the websites I looked on



Greyscale –


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