Humber Street Research

When creating my DPS on Humber Street, I needed to conduct relevant research to gain a higher level of knowledge about the history and what the plans are for the future. In order to try and make it audience appropriate and to gave the audience a good experience, I had to consider the things that they might be interested in knowing about the topic or what i believe the audience should know.

The first thing I did was develop/ changed a template on Lucidpress. To make it more appropriate for the task. I then thought about the amount of text to images

Out of interest I conducted a short survey/questionnaire on the topic of the Humber street. I went into the town centre to ask the public some of the questions on the survey. In reflection of doing this I believe it was really successful. I could create statistics based on my results and the other information i gained will help to point my research into specific areas based on what is of interest the the public.

  1. If you was to read a magazine, article or double page spread on the topic of Humber street, what information would be of interest and draw you in to reading more?

Some of the people I spoke to said they would be interested in knowing ‘when it started, was there a decline in trading, what the main trading items are  ( i.e. carrots, oranges and potatoes), what developments are happening, how are they going to make it match modern day society’

Tracy 54, said that he would like to know factual information on how the market started and what influenced the changes that are in construction. Also what was the biggest items that were traded.

He then went on to say “This topic is a personal interest as his uncle was one of the main traders in the 60’s /70’s”

2. what colours and design layouts would make you look at an article?

According to members of the public they said that they prefer simple language, not to much text and a fair few images. Images draw there attention.

Chris, 34 said that he likes more basic looking products as many people seem to over work, designs. He then went on to say “he likes contrasting colours like black, reds and yellows as the text needs to be easy to read”

The information, I gathered when speaking to local people was really useful and important to the project, as these would be my main target audience as they are locals and will be affected by the developments that are happening. Also, they would be the most interested by it as its a local street/ market place.

It also has influenced my research as I will try and put in information that the readers would like to know about.

According to – Designated by Hull City Council. 2005. Conservation Area Character Appraisal. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 December 15].

“Humber Street was also noted for being the centre for the local wholesale fruit and vegetable trade because of its proximity to Humber Dock and Victoria Pier. Fresh foreign produce arrived daily at Humber Dock and at Victoria Pier market boats laden with local farm produce continuously plied back and forth across the Humber. Despite the closure of Humber Dock in 1969, the Fruit Market remained in its adopted street and turned to road haulage for its deliveries of fruit and vegetables”

This is an important piece of information in my opinion, however I feel if I put this into the product I am creating it will end up looking to much. This will detract the audiences from reading as there will be to much text. As this is an issue, there is only one solution para phrase the text into more manageable and simple amounts.

For instance, My para phrasing sub-edit was 44 word long rather than 82.

‘Humber Street was the centre for the local trading on fruit and vegetables. It was close to the dock and imported daily goods. When the closure of Humber Dock happened in 1969, the Fruit Market remained its legacy and started deliveries of the goods.’

I then went on to research about the items that traders where selling and what the main items where. This seemed to be something most people where asking about and would be of interest to them. personally, this wouldn’t be of interest to me as, I would want to know more about current news whats happing now. However, it this is what the audience want to know then I will find out for them.

I wanted to include how the town is bring back the legacy of the market place in hull.

In the past few years Hull’s historic Fruit Market has been brought back to life thanks to a number of thriving new creative and cultural venues. With art galleries and live music, as well as boutique markets and fine dining, this rather retro location is now a hive of activity. Situated next to Hull Marina it provides access to fantastic restaurants, traditional pubs and stunning views over the River Humber.

over the past few years, Humber street fruit market has been brought back to life with  a 1.6 million investment to revamp the area. With more venues and projects taking place in the area is helping to bring back the vibe and levels of activity. Hull Marina it provides access to fantastic restaurants, traditional pubs and stunning views over the River Humber.

Other websites used to gain information


The finished product I ended up submitting was this 

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Personally, I found this task was interesting to cover. However, for me i am not a fan of the online software available, I much prefer the more traditional ways of InDesign. Having, more experience with the softwares in my opinion has a massive impact of the end product. Its definitely not my best work and I feel I could have done a lot more.


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