Reflection on Pathfinder

In todays session we had a tutorial/ workshop on how to use the pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator. This task-required use to follow the process of the task step by step from what the tutor was doing.

The followed (step by step) process included.

  • Opening illustrator, create a new art board, landscape orientation and A3 page size.
  • Window pathfinder
  • Type text, increase size, change font (perpeptuer)
  • Object, expand to turn it into a graphic
  • Right click and ungroup type, allowing you to move them individually
  • Move the D into the E
  • Place a line cutting through the d
  • Then select the d and the line and divide using the pathfinder tool
  • Right click, ungroup and then you can drag the end of the d away from it all and then delete it
  • Select all of the shapes and click unite on pathfinder
  • Change colour of shape
  • Select gradient tool
  • Drag out radiance and transparency boxes
  • Select pen tool
  • Create a shape
  • Use black arrow to select type, copy it
  • Shift and select all of it and click intersect

screen shots of process

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The product ended up looking like this

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.38.32.png

By learning how to use the path finder tool it has open up more ways that i can create a visual and dynamic imagery. I could use this within my own practition as i could but up the layers and shapes. This task I found really simple and not difficult to follow.


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