Research into MOJO (Mobile Journalism)

What is Mobile Journalism?

accessibility – immedicy (quick and easy)

What are common apps that journalists use?

Some of the key tools/ apps that i found out through research was

Pro HDR- by eyeApps LLC, it does have a charge of ($1.99)

Photogene – by Omer Shoor, it also has a cost of ($1.99)

Dropbox- which is a FREE app that allows individuals to save content, send and transfer content.

SoundCloud-by SoundCloud Ltd, it is a FREE

snap seed – another music app and It is free

TwistedWave Audio Editor -by TwistedWave ($9.99)  

Dragon Dictation – Nuance Communications (FREE )

WriteRoom by Hog Bay Software $4.99  

Evernote- by Evernote FREE  

WordPress by Automattic (FREE

From this research, I can use these tools in order for me to become a better practitioner of journalism. Using these tools on my phone will allow me to be more flexible and still capture and write important things. Using my phone can be really useful as i will not have to carry around as much equipment and then being able to send information straight to the right people.



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