New Statement of Intent (Photography)

I have completely changed my mind on what genre of photography I was going to adopt for my project. I was going to do about the services that are around (still life photography and photo journalism) however, I thought this would have been very difficult to do as there was constraints with this. Permission was needed from the service (of choice) and the council. This would have defiantly of been a long process and especially as we have time constraints on the assignment/project, I thought that picking another style and subject would have been much more appropriate and less time consuming.

The new idea was to highlight movements in sports and the skills that are needed to play sports. (sports is a large topic, so I wanted to narrow it down to wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby). I would need to uses the techniques already learned to be able to capture the speeds of both sports. Also I have to consider the different compositional elements when taking the images.

Overall, this will be a good topic and I will fit the requirements of the brief using my skills in photography.


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