Creation of My Video

After, filming all of the footage required and archiving some footage from my previous projects that I created for other projects on my other course. I then started to edit it all together. The reasons I am using some archives is because I have been ill (recovering from operation) and haven’t really had chance or felt well enough to go film it all.

When editing the footage together the transitions wasn’t smooth and was left with jump cuts, in which I am not keen on. As I want my project to be of a high standard, i needed to add in cut aways that split up the interviews and added to what the interviewee was saying. I also decided that a sting and a Digital on Screen Graphic (Watermark). This will go into the top hand side of the screen when on my interviews and the main footage that I filmed. This means that it shows my ownership to the content and reinforces the brand image. This also allow the public/ audiences to get to know the brand and will allow them to create a brand loyalty. For instance: ITV have a simple logo in which they use as a watermark.


These are the ones I have designed

branding for ability not disabilitypractice on typography

I also added titles at the beginning of the video as i thought it would have been better than just the title screen for the video. The titles give out some background information and help to draw people into watching on. I am continuing to adapt the edit to the video to see what works best.

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