Assignment 1 Creating a Video (Research)

To help me with the video assignment, I had to conduct relevant research into the techniques employed with making a video. I personally, feel like I already have an advanced knowledge on film making and editing as I did a media course before this one. I was a Executive Producer/ (Director but gave this role to someone else as I had a bit of time out) and a presenter on my own Show “positive outlooks”. In the previous blog post, I made a research plan. This identified what I wanted to know about the topic. All the research is relevant but only key bits will make it into my video. This also helped me think about the questions I asked when conducting interviews. To also help me I looked at existing videos on similar topics. The gave me a better understanding on the ways videos are edited and where titles, sounds and interviews where used.

When looking at some interviews, I noticed that the interviewer built up rapport and used open questions. This allowed the interviewee to give as much detail as they wanted, as allowing the interviewer to build on that answer if needed. Generally, there is a ‘rule of thumb’ when conducting interviews, Mid shots and close ups. This is done as it makes it more direct and allows the opportunities to capture emotions and tones.

For instance, when conducting market research, I looked at over interviews in products that follow a similar topic/ theme. (sports)

Case study – click here if you want to watch the video The BEST Sports interview EVER Ray Lewis Championship Mindset

In this video, interview we see that there and close ups on the interviewee (Ray lewis) and over the shoulder shot that captures a mid close up of the interviewer. There were cut ways and additional footage that was relevant to the story, this meant it didn’t jump cut. jump cuts can appear really unprofessional. I also believe this interview really works well as it changes from one thing to another at a fairly good speed, this means it isn’t boring and keeps the viewers interest. When editing my own footage I will keep this in mind.

Overall, I believe i can create a short video that will use the camera techniques when filming and editing. also making it something that can grip the audiences attention and open there eyes to the information at hand.


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