What is Semiotics?

Semiotics is a study in which highlights and goes beneath what it is, it looks more at the meanings created through that subject. That subject could be a lots of things an image, scene, logo, written words etc. The study looks at the 3S’s sign, signifier and symbol.

The sign is made up from the signifier and signified. This is where something can communicate a meaning, it is a way that meaning can be used to tell truth or lies. The sign is like a mathematical equation (signifier+ signified= sign). The signifier is something like a word, image or expressions. It is a material thing that gives visuals. However, the signified is is the concept that is portrayed through the signifier.

Through the semiotic methods everything can be identified through different meanings. This could be the literal meaning of something or left for people to depict. Everything can be seen in many different lights for instance, when looking at something people get different things from it. Like the Dove brand, some people see it as a representation of the animal/bird, some will look at hidden meanings like peace. Everything we see like logos, brands, images and colours all have denotations and connotations (ethical, social and cultural meanings).

Denotations – Is the actual thing, what we see (surface meaning)

Connotations – Is the associated meanings behind something (hidden and more in-depth meanings)

It is our job as human beings to decode the data that we are given, and work out for ourselves if we get the same messages that others get or does it mean something completely different to the individual. Throughout, learning about semiotics it will make me more aware and conscious of how and what data i put out the the viewers and how i present that data. This is incredibly important for me as it will allow me to mould content to how i want the audiences to receive the information.



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