Reflection on creating an information graphic

In a recent session, the group was given the challenge of individually turning data into a information graphic. The information we were given were statistics of how male and female rate big brands of chocolate bars. When coming up with ideas, I knew I had to incorporate the genders, statistics and something to represent the chocolate bars. I wanted in my first attempt was to fill up the silhouettes of a man and woman with different colours, to visually show the social standings of each chocolate bar. I also included, the images and statistics surrounding the chocolate bars.

This as a reflection wasn’t a success in my eyes as it looked a bit amateur and not of a high quality information graphic. I then realised that the graphic needed to be easier for the audience to understand. In the image above I used multiple of image downloads from the internet as I needed to make sure the content was accurate and identifiable for the audience. This is important as it means that the data is of the same the brands used. This means that the ethos and the house styles are the same, making this information graphic more accurate and professional. For instance:

  • Mars,
  • Snicker,
  • Freddo,
  • Milkyway,
  • Lion
  • Toffee crisp

And maltesers[i]

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.56.36

The information graphic had to look appealing and should communicate the data, in a visual and simple way. To help me create this next graphic, I downloaded multiple images from the internet

  • A silhouettes of a female and male
  • Chocolate[ii]

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 18.16.46

I believe this turned out better than the first attempt however, there are a few things I could do to improve on. This would be use the gender symbols rather than the silhouettes of the genders and leave out the layer mask on the chocolate. I could also incorporate melting chocolate flowing now the tops of the circle, this would help make the information graphic, more appealing and more of a linear narrative.


[ii] file:///Volumes/cs%20hd/practicing%20creating%20data%20design/female.png



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