Reflection and Recap of Camera Settings

In todays session the tutor went over the camera settings that we should follow in order to take a high standard image. We all was issued with a camera checklist, this is important for me to follow as a practitioner as the tutor knows what to do, in order to take a professional image and as I am not an experienced photographer, guidance is always useful. This is good skills to have as this will help me produce better quality images. Also when writing articles and other things I could use my photography skills to make my articles to have more impact and visual aid.

These are some of the things what was recapped:

  • Start with checking which camera you need
  • Might it be best to take a tripod just in case you find you do need one
  • Don’t forget to check for a memory card! Very important!
  • Cables and batteries- these can be borrowed from stores if i haven’t got the right ones
  • Make sure your camera is set to JPEG:
  • On the 60d check the quality option
  • You can use raw but can be difficult for others to open so it is best to turn it off
  • Set the camera to large JPEG – these have loads of pixels
  • ISO sensitivity – we were advised to Set it as auto – under the orange menu on the 60d
  • Exposure should usually be at 0 (although i can change it if i think it is necessary) i can also lock the exposure wheel with the button underneath it to make sure that I will not change it by mistake
  • Sometimes if the image has come out blurry make sure you have not caught the wheel and changed the setting to MF (manual focus)
  • Then check the shutter speed if it is a blurry image – if I haven’t got a tripod I can use a steady surface (such as a table) if there is a long shutter speed although a tripod would be best
  • Use the AV, TV, or P setting

when i have to write some feedback on others photographs this checklist  can help me realise what may have happened to the image. Also using the methods we learned in a previous session about describe, techniques, what is good and what i dislike about the image.

When taking my images for my project, I will follow the tips I am given however, as I am doing about sports I might need to change these settings away from what’s advised in order for me to capture the shot I require. I will be using a Canon 60D SLR Camera, taking a tripod but not sure if I will use it yet. In the images I want to adopt some of the key compositional elements seen within photography.


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