Embedding data in a visual way (INFOGR.AM)

In a recent session we were shown and asked to transform basic data into something much more visual. When we logged into inforgr.am we were asked to transform the MoJo box office results on the top grossing films. I found the process fairly straightforward and not to time consuming. I used charts and titles to make the data much more viewer friendly. Giving the audience a much better user experience. The data was inputted in the format of spreadsheets. Through the use of titles, quoting and charts helps to make a potentially boring story into something that viewers would end up looking at. For me as a practitioner of journalism I find this really interesting as I could use the skills learned when creating my own pieces of work. The world is becoming a much more visual place and it is important for me to adopt the styles that are audience appropriate and entertaining. Been a practitioner of journalism, it is important that I create work that is of the audiences interest or what I believe is important for them to know. Visual aids help viewers to taken in the data they are given.

follow the link below to see the info graph i created on the MoJo Box Office results.



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