What is Long Form?

Long form is a more substantial way of writing, this method is generally seen when journalists are informing audiences and telling a story/account. Over the last few years in society, I have seen a shift in the ways in which we are given data. Long form is becoming much more prominent within the digital era we live in. the world is becoming more on a digital platform, in comparison to the decades prior where the print industry flourished.

I believe that long form is really useful, especially the younger generation as we have grown up using the online platforms. This is a technique that I may adopt when creating my own work online as it goes more into depth then the average article or piece of media seen online. This style of non fictional journalism can help to inform an audience about an important event, if I was to create a website using this method I would consider the ways of navigating vast amounts of information. This would help keep the viewers engaged and more likely to read the chosen data. This also gives the audience more options to follow the information is a linear or none linear way.

However, through the other sessions I have come to the understanding that people who use the internet method to gain information, tend to scan the page. So would this method have the required impact in comparison to how people read print? In my opinion Im not sure but I think its all about giving the audience a great online experience. So it maybe that you have to think of a more engaging way to use long form to keep the viewers happy.


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