Sound is one of the key elements, if not the most important part in a video, without sound its just a moving image. A moving image will be harder to understand but with the sound it all makes sense. Sound helps to grip the attention of viewers, and helps to highlight the different tones. For instance, the ‘Jaws sound track’ has intertextual links to horror, provokes fear and helps to create tension. Without the sound it would have the same impact on the viewer and not give them that intense feeling they expect when watching.

Some ways of capturing sound could be through, on board microphones, lapel mics, clip on mics, boom arm etc. When creating projects before I have noticed multiple issues with sound and the sound quality

  • Sound can be muffled by wind, this sound awful and makes the overall product sound amateur.
  • Music can over power, the voices making them hard to hear. This can be amended but you lose the quality. On Premier Pro if you right click on the sound bar, audio gain and lift it up.
  • When editing it is crucial to splice the sound and video at the right point because it is no good cutting off the end words.

Sounds can help to portray a meaning, if this isn’t right then the whole project, video will not be to that high professional standard. As a practitioner, I will try and make sure that the sound is a good quality and making sure that when editing I pull out the key sound bites and edit it correctly. I can adjust settings of sounds it need be by using the audio gain if need be and add key frames if need too.

When making my 3 minute video and other projects I will definitely play a massive part to how the overall product will be. I want my product to reflect that of a near professional standard.


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