As i have missed the session, I made sure that i caught up with the tutor to find out the task. He said to sign up to INFOGR.AM and create a graph about the class. As i missed the session wasn’t to sure on what he was actually after and know very little about the group which made the task a whole lot harder.

I can see why he got use to create a info graph using this tool as it is a great and fairly easy platform to change data into something much more visual. this will make the data standout more and create more of an appeal for viewers. From just spend a short time on it i thought it was an interesting way to collate data into graphs, charts, through the uses of statistics and so much more. There is also so many templates to chose from and within that you can change, add manipulate it to match the tone and purpose of the info graph. it can help me in the future as i can turn what might be a really boring topic into something much more interesting just through using visual aids. it seems to be a quick way to transform data into something visual.

When i went on I tried to visualise some data about my class, this was very tricky as i do not know much about them. The info graph i made was fairly basic just showing the number of boys to girls in our group. i added a pie chart and title. I actually noticed i made an error when creating it as on the pie chart the colours match the wrong gender. This was a small error and easy to put right. I now understand the importance of putting in the right data in the right place. In the link below is my info graph with the error on.

follow this link to my info graph –

[infogram id=”shows_more_girls_then_boys” prefix=”IgH” format=”interactive”]

Then follow the new link to find the problem fixed –

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