The same happened with this post I missed the session so I made sure I went to the tutor to find out exactly what the post had to be about. He said identify the importance if design sustainability and why it is important when up taking takes and projects where it is important. From my own understanding it is about making sure design is more environmentally friendly, and is getting more and more important as people worry about the environment. For instance, in the list below it shows some of the key things that are important.

[1] Sustainable design principles include the ability to:

  • Optimize site potential;
  • Minimize non-renewable energy consumption;
  • Use environmentally preferable products;
  • Protect and conserve water;
  • Enhance indoor environmental quality; and

Optimize operational and maintenance practices.

As a practitioner of journalism, sustainability is incredibly important as print based journalism and other platforms are having an affect on the environment. This is because of the amounts of paper and productions we use within the industry, that maybe not always recyclable friendly. This is why recycling is vital and could help to change how much affect it has on the environment. Recycling helps to cut down on the waste and makes products like paper reusable. I like the ways in which modern day society is becoming more on a digital platform; this helps to reduce the ways in which the environment is affected and helps to cut down on waste pollution. I also believe that by having the software’s available now helps to cut down on the mistakes, so less prints and things will have to made which save material being used up.

As packaging is one of the worlds largest waste resources it is a big issue for the environment, having said this we now see companies changing and downsizing the packaging on products and price to be risen on others to help with the cost to get it recycled or disposed. Due to many company’s down sizing the packaging on they produce, means that it reduces the damage it is causing and becomes much eco-friendlier. A good example of this is plastic bags. In shops in the current state we have to purchase each carrier bag (5p’s each) this is because carrier bags take a long time to de-compose which means that it is taking up room. Land fill sites are having to get bigger and bigger over the years as waste disposable has gotten out of control. This is why most of the mainstream brand and big global companies like Asda, Tesco, Morrison etc. have started to get a different quality of carriers that can be disposed at a quicker rate. In some shops they only provide the life time carrier bags (costing around 50p) this means that they don’t need to be disposed after each use. I believe this is a much more efficient way to helping the worlds economic issues and will in return help to make it a better world to live in.




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