Reflection on Social Media Verification

This was another session I missed so caught up with the tutor to find out about the task. He said that I needed to identify why social media verification is extremely important to me as a practitioner of journalism. Also how I can make sure something is true, accurate and put out into the public in a factual and professional way.

I honestly believe that social media verification is extremely important and that you can’t take it lightly. When developing my skills as a journalist and media processional, I learned how you can’t always take things at face value, it is imperative to find out if something is factually true. If I publish something that hasn’t got any factual evidence then it can really damage my professional statue and reputation. In journalism you should follow the NUJ of the national union for journalist’s codes of conduct. It is to how and what you should do to be a good quality professional in this industry. People in this line of work (Journalists) have to maintain high professional profile. This means they have to follow good morals and principles of journalism. This will help journalists to retain and build a profile for themselves and with make them more credible and trustworthy. The NUJ code of conduct is a guide to whom journalists should take into account for instance, by following these guidelines will help to keep them safe whilst in the industry For instance, the guidelines are there so that they know boundaries and so they know certain rules and regulations. The NUJ is really basic common sense but put into writing. If a writer has good morals then they are sure to follow the codes.

Some of the rules that the NUJ states that journalists should follow:

  • They should ensure that all information that is publicised is honestly conveyed, fair and accurate
  • Holds confidentiality and protects identities of sources who give information in confidence.
  • They should make sure that no material is made/ publicised that could lead to isolation/discrimination of an individual. For instance, age, race, gender etc.

Social verification is crucial as an individual’s job is on the line. From learning that you can’t always trust the media especially social networking, finding out the false to the real is crucial. However, social networking can also open many doors, it’s a quick and fast way that I can discover breaking new stories and uses these newsworthy data pieces within my studies and line of work. As a journalist you always want to keep ahead of others and keep knowledge fresh. There are many ways I can make sure the information I find is accurate and true: for instance, contacting the source identifying the 5W’s and H, also see what else is happening in that field. I would also see what is trending, checking things on multiple of sources not just going on what one person has said.

These method are imperative if I want the content I distribute to the public, to be as factually correct . If I dont use these methods when practicing my work then I wouldn’t be doing my job properly, this could land me in a whole heap of problems. People could sue if something is put out in the public domain that wasn’t genuine, this would damage there reputation and my own,