Reflection – Google Alert

I was absent due to ill health on this day so missed the session. However, I left my Dictaphone with a fellow student and she recorded it so I could listen back to the session. From listening back to the recording, I think ‘Google Alerts’ will be great to use as I could set it up to things I want it to alert me about. For instance, it could help me become a better practitioner at journalism because I know what has already been covered, this is a really important aspect of journalism, the news has to be original or fresh or to take a subject from a different angle to what has been covered before. If I don’t get this set up, then it could definitely have implications of me being a journalist and could definitely make my job a whole lot more complicated and harder.

In a recent assignment and task we have been given specific patches to cover in the area for the fairly recent supplement ‘Your News in the Hull Daily Mail. My patches are ‘Beverly Road, Dunswell and Leconfield’ which is why I now need to set ‘Google’ up to alert me whenever they are mentioned.

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