Introduction to Adobe Premire Pro

We had a really basic introduction to the editing software ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ this is a really great software to edit footage, layer footage, sound adding special effect and so much more.

This session was nothing new to me as I already know the software real well as I create lots of things like music videos, documentaries, trailers and TV shows. I love this software as you can do so much with it. It is flexible and you can do things in multiple ways, you can even move the pallets and screens around to make it more easy to navigate for the specific person. i found the software easy to use and this will help me to create more professional and high standard videos. It is also a great skill to have as it will open doors and give a possible work platform.

In the session we were shown how to open the software and how to import footage and sounds. We also went over the basic splicing and layering techniques. Using the input and out put tool we selected the key parts of footage. This is so important as you only want the most important and relevant parts, especially when having time constraints and limits.


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