Reflection- Camera Angle

In a recent session, we looked at the different types of camera angles that can be used when filming something. It means that you could capture a subject showing different aspects to highlight, importance. When creating anything using footage it is important as an editor to change up the shots frequently as the audience will get bored and lose interest. We also looked at how different angles can convey specific things and can create a different emotion.

Some of the shots we looked at as a group was:

  • Wide shot or establishing shot
  • Full shot
  • Mid shot
  • Close-ups: straight on, side on
  • Extreme close-up
  • Dutch shot – creates unease
  • Lower angle shot – convey superiority
  • High angle – viewer in control
  • Pan shot
  • Cut in
  • Over the head – looking at something
  • Tilt
  • Dolly zoom
  • Over shoulder
  • POV shots (point of view)
  • Aerial shots

Rule of thirds is another compositional technique seen within a lot of photography it is where the image is divided into a 3 x 3 grid hypothetically. If I was to interview someone and wanted to use the technique then ideally, the subject should be positioned on the 3rd line.

When looking at the ‘Golden ratio’ I thought it was really intriguing as it is just a hidden swirl within an image. This swirl line draws your eye in to a certain place within the image generally where the action is or the focal point within the image. I found that some of the images we looked at made me feel uneasy as people manipulate and change the position of the ‘Golden rule’. This can be done intentionally. Learning about the ‘Golden rule’ will help me as a practitioner of my own work. Especially, when thinking about the composition of an image or piece of footage. I could use this technique to draw the viewers eye in or make a sense a little unsettling. This will only work in some cases.

Lighting is incredibly important with any filming or photography as it can under light or over light and area or subject. We were introduced to the 3-point lighting of an area or subject. This was nothing new to me as I had to use this technique on my previous course. The light sources should be:

  • One behind the subject at an angle
  • One in front of the subject at an angle
  • One on a 45° angle to highlight

The session was really useful as it reminded me of the key things and reminded me of my own knowledge and refreshed the memory also reminded me how i can use all these techniques when later doing projects and assignments. All in order to get the best out of what i can do.

Introduction to Adobe Premire Pro

We had a really basic introduction to the editing software ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ this is a really great software to edit footage, layer footage, sound adding special effect and so much more.

This session was nothing new to me as I already know the software real well as I create lots of things like music videos, documentaries, trailers and TV shows. I love this software as you can do so much with it. It is flexible and you can do things in multiple ways, you can even move the pallets and screens around to make it more easy to navigate for the specific person. i found the software easy to use and this will help me to create more professional and high standard videos. It is also a great skill to have as it will open doors and give a possible work platform.

In the session we were shown how to open the software and how to import footage and sounds. We also went over the basic splicing and layering techniques. Using the input and out put tool we selected the key parts of footage. This is so important as you only want the most important and relevant parts, especially when having time constraints and limits.

Reflection – Google Alert

I was absent due to ill health on this day so missed the session. However, I left my Dictaphone with a fellow student and she recorded it so I could listen back to the session. From listening back to the recording, I think ‘Google Alerts’ will be great to use as I could set it up to things I want it to alert me about. For instance, it could help me become a better practitioner at journalism because I know what has already been covered, this is a really important aspect of journalism, the news has to be original or fresh or to take a subject from a different angle to what has been covered before. If I don’t get this set up, then it could definitely have implications of me being a journalist and could definitely make my job a whole lot more complicated and harder.

In a recent assignment and task we have been given specific patches to cover in the area for the fairly recent supplement ‘Your News in the Hull Daily Mail. My patches are ‘Beverly Road, Dunswell and Leconfield’ which is why I now need to set ‘Google’ up to alert me whenever they are mentioned.

Reflection – Website Creation Research

In a recent session we were asked to do some research into the different websites we could use to create our very own website. We were all as a group given the task to sign up to some of the popular websites. These include: Wix, Moonfruit, Weebley and Square space. The process was not difficult as I just needed to find a website which would be the best for me. For instance, had to be simply nothing to complicated, free and had to be a good platform for my online portfolio. It definitely makes a massive difference to how you express and showcase yourself online and picking a good quality platform to build it on will have a massive impact on my overall professional appearance.

On the website I chose will have my portfolio on which allows me to make a statement about myself, my inspirations and aspirations. I have an opportunity to define myself as a brand, creating a visual identity in which will be identifiable to what I am about and to what my chosen topics for thoughts will be and finally will define a specific target audience I want to capture.

In order for my website to be successful and have structure, my website should have the following pages:

  1. Home page
  2. Blog links
  3. Gallery
  4. An About Page
  5. Contact

When I created an account on Wix I found that it was simple and the interactive elements was easy to navigate around. This website is a free platform for users to start branding themselves and to create content, I find that it will be the best on to use as it looks simple and easy enough for a beginner like myself. When I login I found that I could pick a template quickly with no hassle and think it will be a good place to start off my first website. In the image below it shows, how i have used the tools to mock up a quick sample. I used all actuality image and manipulated them in Photoshop, then embedded them onto the website. I also change text, colours, size, fonts and much more.

Photo source: Screen Shot of own work

After I signed up to Wix I then went onto other websites such as Moonfruit, Weebly and Sqaure Space. I found these a lot more complex and not of my interest to use. I found them complicated even to do the basic of things and harder to navigate and change what was needed. Also it took me a lot longer to find out how to do things and the templates weren’t what I was requiring. On some of these websites a lot of things were not free meaning it could be quite costly in time, this put me off as they were harder to use and cost.

If I wasn’t going to use Wix then my second option would be to use Moonfruit as it was not to my taste when originally starting out, however i think if i had more time to learn the ways around the website it then wouldn’t be so bad.