Creating a Google Map

As I was off from ill health after having an operation, I missed fair few sessions. As I have missed the session on learning how to embed a map into I story. I went to get the information I need to help me catch up. I was given the basics that I needed to create a map on ‘Google Maps’ and add areas on the map to show my understanding of how to do it. Embedding maps is a great visual aid when having a story which could use this to make it more interesting and visually appealing. It is a very interactive feature that can t turn a boring story into something more durable. I find maps a really useful and creative way to portray data to viewers as they have to ability to be really flexible and can showcase and highlight different places and things in all over the world.

I created my own map using ‘Google map’ of different places people can visit when coming to Hull.  I think this is really useful and beneficial to people who are coming to Hull on a day out and need more detail of where some good places are to go in the City centre.

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