Photography reflection -Shutterspeed Challenge

Within the latest session of photography, we participated in a practical challenge in which we worked in groups to put our new learned knowledge about panning, low and fast shutter speeds to the test. To do this it was about changing the F. Stop to the correct setting. When taking a slow shutter speed image, it allows more light into the image giving it more light exposure and adds blur into an image if something is moving. This helps to highlight movement. The best settings to take a slow shutter speed image is lower than 125 nths. I found this out by changing around the settings on Digital SLR camera. To show my understanding, I captured water flowing quickly and cars moving fast. The car itself was going at the natural speed limit for that area, however the settings of the camera make it appear to be going faster as it is blurry. Personally, I like using slow shutter speeds. I think it is really effective as it can help to capture the speed of something and can help to highlight and make something to appear with more movement. However, it can also be not so effective with things like water as seen in the image I have taken because of the slow shutter speed it makes the flowing water of the fountain appear like a milk mess. I was given a scenario to either make the traffic appear to be natural or to make it appear like they were speeding. If we wanted to make it appear like the cars are speeding, then I would be for getting more speed bumps.

Photo source: Taken by me Photo source: Taken by the group

I also have taken some images in a fast shutter speed mode, this makes much images simpler. It helps to capture a specific moment in time, it just freezes a scene. When making my images I do like the water flow better than in the slow shutter speed image as you can see more detail in the water, you can see it crystal clear and individual droplets. The images of cars didn’t turn out to be blurry when I used a fast shutter speed which I thought was really boring and wasn’t affective at all. If I was to use the same scenario, then it would be against getting more speed bumps as drivers would appear to be going slower. I actually didn’t capture this perfect as it should make the car look static however the camera setting wasn’t set properly, therefore showed some movement still. If I was to do this task again then I know were I went wrong so would make sure it was on a better setting.

Photo source: Taken by me


Photo source: Taken by the group

Creating a Google Map

As I was off from ill health after having an operation, I missed fair few sessions. As I have missed the session on learning how to embed a map into I story. I went to get the information I need to help me catch up. I was given the basics that I needed to create a map on ‘Google Maps’ and add areas on the map to show my understanding of how to do it. Embedding maps is a great visual aid when having a story which could use this to make it more interesting and visually appealing. It is a very interactive feature that can t turn a boring story into something more durable. I find maps a really useful and creative way to portray data to viewers as they have to ability to be really flexible and can showcase and highlight different places and things in all over the world.

I created my own map using ‘Google map’ of different places people can visit when coming to Hull.  I think this is really useful and beneficial to people who are coming to Hull on a day out and need more detail of where some good places are to go in the City centre.