Shorthand – First Session

In my first session of shorthand, we where introduced to why and how it is important for Journalists to have the skills of shorthand, this will allow them to save time when making notes. A good example is in a court, as you cannot take a voice recording just notes. Shorthand is really useful and helps to save time and effort. Over the next year i will learn how to write in shorthand as it will definitely come in handy when becoming a sports journalist. It will help me to make notes quicker as i am not the quickest of writers. Hopefully, the sessions will help me to gain speed when making notes and will open my eyes to other possibilities rather than you writing everything out in full.

Within, the first session we were introduced to ‘The Teeline Alphabet’. We had to learn each letter then drill it over and over again. I think shorthand is really repetitive but thats how it sinks in.

Photo source: Taken by Me

Photo source: Taken by Me



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