Visual Aids/ Info-graph

In the latest session with John, we discussed the importance of Visual aids to help give out data as the human mind gets turned away if there’s just loads of writing on a page. We talked about infographics. Then we were set the task of finding at least three and explain if they work well, how relevant they are and if we like or dislike it for any specific reason. In my understanding infographics, they speak louder than words, in the representation of graphs, charts and images. The ways in which you represent data is really important. It will either have an affect on the audience or they just wont take notice. Data is powerful and needs to be short, snappy, bold and should stand off the page/paper.

I was looking online at articles that used infographics and I came across an article on How to Use Your Character Strengths to Improve Your Life on the The Huffington Post. It was written by Rebecca Scholl, Who is the Healthy Living Intern.  Within the article infographics are used through pictures, statistics. This is an example of the data that has been displayed.

Another infographic i looked at was an important daily infographic that is seen by a large proportion of the population. The weather forecast. in this image below it shows the expected weather for the next week, this info graphic displays the data very well as it shows exactly were, and which regions are going to be affected the best and worst by the upcoming weather. This gives out information in a very visual ways. I personally like to see this infographic as it is really identifiable, i know what I’m looking at and it gives me an insight into what is predicted for the next few day. It uses simple images, a graph and gives out useful information at the same time. for instance, wind, temperature, humidity and precipitation.

finally the last one i looked at was an interactive infographic. Brian Solis designed a visual depiction of the Twitter ecosystem, the Twitterverse, this was to help people learn and discover more about all the tools available on twitter. This shows so much information that people may be interested in learning around. it makes it fun and more engaging for viewers to see. Without the data being portrayed like this, people would probably not have taken an interest in the information.

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