Importance of Social Media

In a recent session with John Baron as a group we set up a LinkedIn account, and put our basic information in to it. LinkedIn, is a professional social networking site, where you add CV, work experience and qualifications. I discovered that other people can recommend you and back up things that you say to be true. For instance, your skills ect. Also, within this session we were told about the importance of social networking. Also how it can help us as practitioners of journalism to make contacts, groups and tap in to what is happening as it happens. I personal have learned how important it can be. This is crucial as Journalists have to keep in touch with what is happening and contacts to help them be able to create newsworthy stories. having the correct contacts is important as it makes the job so much easier and less time consuming. By having the knowledge of how social networking is important, i can use this to my advantage when conducting my own research and skills. I will be developing my social media news gathering skills over the next year by tapping into Facebook groups and creating Twitter lists. I personally do not have Facebook, this is the more informal site, where individuals talk to family members and friends. Therefore, as I don’t have Facebook, means that i am at a disadvantage to other members in my group as this restricts me making groups, valuable contact which could really help me with the course because of this it means i will have to find other resources to help me gain the information i require for my course. Twitter in my opinion it is a lot more formal and is an easy way to connect you with others with the same interests as myself. Also professionals that can help you within your line of education. I do find twitter a fairly easy and fun way to express what is happening and to find out news. I like it as I can follow people who you may not know well or at all and they can follow you back despite not knowing each other. However, there are certain times your posts have the biggest impact, this is at tea time and lunch as more people are using there social networking site.