Evaluation – Exposure Challenge

Within the session today we did an Exposure challenge where we participated in a practical photo shoot within the grounds off Hull College. The challenge consisted of individuals been split into groups to conduct a promotional shoot for Hull College. Within this photo shoot we had to consider the compositional techniques, in which we had discussed in the previous lesson. As we worked in groups we took it in turns to take some pictures as there weren’t enough cameras to go around.

One of the crucial elements in photography is exposure, as a group we learned the rules and the ways exposure works. From my understanding it is how much light is in an image. As already stated in my previous post, there are three camera settings that need to be balanced perfectly in order to create a professional photograph. The three things are, the aperture, ISO and shutter speed which makes up the exposure triangle.

Overall, I believe that the challenge could have been conducted better, this would be to do it on a better day when it isn’t raining. Also by planning more within the groups of what we were aiming to capture within the images and mainly having more time and camera skills to perfect the outcome of the photographs taken by myself and the group I was in. We have been asked to analyse some of the images taken, critically talking about what is good and what could have been improved if we were to do the challenge again. As we are just getting into learning the arts of photography, the images aren’t always going to be of the best quality. It’s a learning curve for me as it is something that I am interested in and want to improve at. Learning about the importance of exposure has given me more knowledge in which I will definitely use and will help me be a more successful practitioner of my own work.

The first image I will depict is an image of hull college. It shows some of the compositional elements. It has pattern definitely in it. This is done by the windows within the image. In my opinion I also believe it has the rule of thirds within it as one third is interrupted by a part of the building that goes in. This also creates a leading line around the one third point. this draws the eye up the image creating the illusion that it is tall. If I was to take this picture again I would definitely change the settings of the camera to manual mode as it will allow me to adapt the settings more to how I find best fits with the image at the time. I also would go closer to the building and change the camera angle (high) as this will increase the illusion of the height of the building more. This will help to make the building appear more important and bolder. Also in the image that was taken there are parts of the image blurred as there was rain water on the lens. This would have been a better picture without the rain.

Photo source: taken by me

Photo source: taken by me

The second image i will look at is

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