Statement of Intent

Mind map

photo source: Done by myself on PowerPoint

photo source: Done by myself on PowerPoint

idea development and swot analysis

Ideas / theme Why and what do I like about this genre? Strengths Techniques used
Freezing movement/ time That it tells a more in-depth story to what is happening around the subject. Captures things we probably wouldn’t see at full speed of day to day life. Helps to capture the beautiful and ugly. That it pays homage to the culture and life’s we all live. Helps to showcase the busy environment and how if we take a step back we can, see time passing by. We can connect more with things around us as your seeing them in a different light. Shutter speed

Could use B/W scale


Motion blur photography I really like the way it looks and how it makes things appear differently to what we actually see. I like the ways it can isolate a subject and make it  stand out This has two different ways so you can keep the subject the focal point and have the background moving or the other way around. This is a strength as you can then get a wide variations of shoots. Shutter speed
City of Culture That it is current and upcoming for Hull, promotes and highlights the positives rather than the negative aspects of the city we live in. This is an upcoming / working progress for Hull so new changes are happening everyday. Wide topic so lots of choices for photographs. Light

Rule of thirds

Depth of field

Emergency services That it reflects a part of everyday life, the services that help and save life’s. The service has played a big part in my life so it helps. Can be done in many ways and doesn’t have much limitations.

That it can been seen in many different genres of photography

Pays respect and homage to the emergency services to what they do, but in a really sophisticated and elegant way.

Helps give me more of a portfolio as there will be more evidencing.

Shutter speeds

Depth of field

Rule of thirds

Black and white

Full colour

Close ups, long shots.

Statement of intent after having looked at ideas

I still am unsure about exactly what path I would like to take, when approaching this task. I have multi ideas that I could potentially choose as my theme for this project. I think I am still going to have to conduct much more background and market research into the different topics to find out which genre/theme will be best for me to do.

One of my ideas stands out slightly at this moment as I don’t believe others will have thought about it. It would be interesting to investigate and explore multiple genres of photography but having my theme based around ‘The Services that save life’s’. This would look at the emergency services overtly, but to enhance the strength, courage and power they have. This would be done in a really tasteful way and not just pointing a camera at the firefighter. This would be more about seeing what life is like from a POV style of photography. If I did this style I think it would definitely fit the brief which we where given as I think it would entertain, educate and inform others.

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