Photoshop 5 Making Adjustments to an Image

This part of the session is when i felt i really came into my element. thus is when we was allowed to adjust an images. For some people in the group it was a learning session, however it just helped me to refresh my memory of the different ways off doing the same changes to an image. this was useful as it allowed me to explore the easiest and quickest way for me. This will allow me later to be able to cut down on time meaning that i could then keep to tight deadlines which often happens within the industry. changing an image can consist of changing the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. this helps to set the tone for documents I will produce. I will definetly be adjusting and editing all of the work i produce as it means that i can make a more professional looking image and get rid of the imperfections that may occur.  Using these tools will also help me to make my work audience appropriate, eye catching and an overall higher quality picture,


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