Photoshop 4 Inserting an Image

Within the session the Tutor went over how to insert images into the software. I particularly find this easy as i have used to software many times before. The advice what we gained made me think more about organising myself by duplicating folders before adding the images into Photoshop. by duplicating the folders with the images in, allows me to keep the original image incase i save over the photo and don’t end up liking it. Also i found the advice of separating archive photos from photos taken by myself useful as copyright can be an issue when taking other peoples images.

Inserting images into a Photoshop document is easy as you just got to the file drop down bar at the top of the page and click on import and chose what you want.  There was a small symbol in the corner of the layer box, which i was unaware about which meant that the image itself carried addition data which could affect the overall outcome of the image i would then change. i learned that i needed to right click on the layer and select rasterize so that i could edit it and get rid of the extra data it carried. This is what it looks like

Finally changing the size of images is easy and straight forward if you click CTRL+T it free transforms the image which gives the box around the image with points in the corners. I found that if i held down shift and dragged from one corner out it kept the image in the correct proportions. This is useful to remember as a practitioner as you don’t want to stretch the image or damage the pixels within the image.


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