Photoshop 3 Saving Documents

Saving documents is fairly easy. This was something i already knew before the session and is incredibly important as you can lose all the process you have made on you document. When using the software it is important to keep saving the document as you go along.

(Don’t leave it to the end because softwares can crash and have issues)

it is simple, All you do is click the file drop down bar at the top of the screen got to save as. Then change the name of your file to something appropriate. This is important as you have to remember the name so you can access it without losing what it was. Also incase you are doing something professional, as it reflects you and how you present yourself and the stuff you create. also in the same save box you can click on the drop down list and change the file format. The format of the document can depict the platforms you can see it on and what it does to you profile. i found refreshing my knowledge on what the different formats are was useful as i  now can use this when conducting my own work on the software. The image below shows you the drop down bar and where to click.


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