Photoshop 2

When setting up a document page on photoshop it will come up with a box on you screen which allows you to change things to match the format you require. For instance, name of profile, screen resolutions and sizes, page settings if you want it to be a transparent background and presets. This is the the box that will show up when creating a new file.

I found that learning about the different documentation useful as I didn’t know that you could change the preset for different styles of work. For instance, the different formats can change your file to can affect the outcomes of your finished project. There are many different presents: US paper, international, photo, web, mobile and devices, film and video or you can customise. I have used Photoshop previously to this course but  i found myself learning about the different paper sizes and dots per inchs as they change for different documents. Also that in the UK we use International paper types.


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