Introduction to Photoshop

In this session we was introduced to the editing software Photoshop. This is a platform where you can manipulate images and other things. This is an incredibly important tool for any professional or aspiring photographer or journalist as the media in which we see in a day to day life is generally changed or manipulated in some way. This could be from easy colour adjustments to layering images together to create depth, contrasts and enhancements.

This was the introduction on Photoshop, so we was shown the where the basic tools and pallets within the program. As a practitioner of Photoshop it is important to know the basics of where things are within the software and the basic rules of what they do. This will allow me to get an understand of the software we will be using a lot and help me to save time researching, and developing my knowledge. The layout of the software is also quite simple which is really useful, also there is more than one way to do things as well so it means you can choose the best ways for you.


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